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Our Services

We craft web and mobile applications from scratch, re-engineer legacy systems, and integrate current solutions with external applications. Listening actively to our clients propels our success in delivering timely and under budget solutions that meet their expectations.

Our services include free consulting. In addition, our experienced team owns an arsenal of proven recipes and can provide several alternatives to your requirements. As a result, you save by paying only for what you need.

  • Custom software development

    Custom Software Development

    When an organization needs a solution that meets unique needs not offered by a standard application, only a bespoke solution can solve the problem and unleash your business potential.

    In addition, the cost of accommodating to work with a fixed software product usually surpasses building a custom-made solution.

    Clients favor custom software from Herlinda because they pay only for the features they need and save costs in recurring licensing and maintenance fees.

  • Adobe Experience Manager

    Adobe Experience Manager Development

    Optimize your digital strategy with our Adobe Enterprise Manager development services. We specialize in connecting your systems, tools, and data to create a unified digital ecosystem tailored to your unique needs.

    Our Adobe Enterprise Manager Integration Services offer a range of benefits, including streamlined workflows for enhanced efficiency, the ability to create personalized customer experiences, breaking down data silos for improved data synergy, seamless scalability to accommodate your business growth, prioritized security and compliance, and significant cost savings through process automation.

    Our expert team streamlines your workflows, enhances customer experiences, breaks down data silos, ensures scalability, maintains security and compliance, and saves you costs. We're your partner for a seamless Adobe Enterprise Manager integration. Contact us to transform your digital journey today.

  • Desarrollo web y móvil

    Web Design & Development

    Because first impressions matter, our team builds beautiful, accessible, and efficient user interfaces. We incorporate the latest design principles along with predictive artificial intelligence technology to create engaging designs.

    Our toolkit recognizes attention maps and areas of interest to define clarity scores.

    This technology allows us to craft the perfect user experience across all platforms while offering seamless integration with your legacy system or enterprise software.

  • Mobile apps ios android hybrid

    Mobile Apps: Android, Apple IOS & Hybrid

    Our mobile application solutions ensure your team will get business done and take your products and services considerably farther.

    We will guide you by deciding whether your business needs the speed and compatibly of native development or the flexibility and diversity of hybrid development solutions.

    Our team can develop Android and iOS native applications or multi-platform hybrid applications.

  • Infraestructura de nube

    RFID Automation

    Herlinda offers business automation solutions to the RFID market. Using a combination of hardware and software solutions, we have helped organizations across diverse industry verticals in automating their operations.

    Our solution consulting approach includes a thorough understanding of the existing processes, the areas that need intervention, and other challenges.

    As a result, we design and deploy a technology-based road map that is optimal for your business.

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