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Our Services

Our services include web, mobile and desktop solutions for most of all cloud providers, operating systems, web browsers, and mobile platforms. Our team build applications on Front-End and Back-End stacks, and Microservices and Message Driven architectures.

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Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Only custom software solutions can unleash your business potential to solve your client's problems because they meet special needs not offered by standard software applications. In addition, the cost of accommodating to work with a fixed software product surpasses the cost of building a bespoke solution.

As product owners, clients favor custom software from Herlinda because they pay only for the features their businesses need, and because they save costs in recurring licensing and maintenance fees.

Web and Mobile Development

Web Development

Because first impressions matter, our team builds beautiful, accessible, and efficient user interfaces. We incorporate the latest design principles along with predictive artificial intelligence technology to create engaging designs.

Our toolkit recognizes in every screen attention maps and areas of interest to define clarity scores, and clarity maps. This allows us to craft the perfect user experience across all platforms, while offering seamless integration with your legacy system or enterprise software.

Android and IOS Development

Mobile Android & IOS Development

Our mobile application solutions ensure your team will get business done and take your products and services considerably farther.

We will guide you through the process of deciding whether your business needs the speed and compatibly of native development, or the flexibility and diversity of hybrid development solutions.

Our team can develop Android and iOS native applications, or multi-platform hybrid applications.

Back-End Development

Docusign Integration

Millions of customers love the convenience and ease of sending Docusign documents to each signer without blinking an eye. The cost savings, speed and convenience of Docusign have already made a significant positive impact on their businesses.

Herlinda helps business to implement Docusign solutions into their systems within few days .

We offer Docusign Template design, automatization, and consulting services. This allows your organization to relay 100% on Docusign, or to integrate your current applications with Docusign to handle parts of your documents workflow.

Cloud Infrastructure

RFID Automation

Herlinda offer business automation solutions to the global RFID market. Using a combination of hardware and software solutions, we have helped organizations across diverse industry verticals in automating their operations.

Our solution consulting approach includes thorough understanding of the existing processes, the areas that need intervention and other challenge areas, followed by design and deployment of a technology-based road map which is optimal for your business.

Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud Computing Solutions

Herlinda develops and deploys cloud based software solutions. Our cloud solutions are agnostic, future insulated, and scalable.

We offer cloud solutions ranging from cloud application development, cloud computing architecture, and software development both platform as a service and software as a service. Our applications work with most of the cloud services providers including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, Digital Ocean.

In addition, our team provides cloud migration services, helping you get your applications and data onto cloud computing platforms. These services include servers; storage; network; cloud management and deployment software; and platform virtualization.