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The best Apps for the Apple Watch in 2,021


Suppose you are looking for apps to empower your apple watch experience. In that case, our top five recommendations for the best apps for the Apple Watch come from the world of under-estimated apps. Nevertheless, we are writing about the app's excellent features and have also been using these apps in our daily lives.

The integrated apps offer a lot of functionalities, and some of them have no third-party replacement. So, our recommendations focus on third-party apps not competing with Apple's apps.


Shazam: Music Discovery

Shazam is an app capable of detecting the audio of a playing song. So if you are listening to music at home, while driving, walking, or exercising, instead of yelling at your Watch's Siri to identify the music, you can tap into Shazam. If no internet is available, the next time you launch Shazam, it will determine the song.

If you own an apple music subscription, you could launch Apple's integrated music app because of a partnership between Apple and Shazam. So you get a lot of benefits if you are an Apple Music subscriber.


Cloud Battery

Cloud battery offers a straightforward and user-friendly dashboard to monitor the battery of your Apple Watch and other connected devices.

With the free download, for example, you can connect your iPhone or iPad and have the battery life percentage on your Watch home dashboard; however, you have to set the app to show its control center at your screen's top level. You can customize the screen with ease and set your primary device. In addition, if you have devices with the same name, you could rename them.


Heart Analyzer

Heart Analyzer monitors your heart rate level and provides health analytics.

This app keeps track of your heart activity more frequently and accurately than the integrated app that comes with the Apple Watch.

Heart Analyzer provides daily statistics, including your maximum, minimum, and average cardio activity plus your burn calories. In addition, you can check your activity history. All this data is available for free.

Suppose you work out constantly, performing a variety of routines. In that case, the app will suggest the best time to switch according to the current heart rate.

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