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Lean Startup Movement

Since 2008, Herlinda has offered full-stack custom software development services. Dedicated project management spearheads Herlinda’s work.

Herlinda developed the high standards and refined methodologies that govern its project management over time through validated learning and hypothesis-driven experimentation in the real-world project setting.

These strategies, key facets of the Lean Startup Movement methodology, have helped Herlinda to eliminate uncertainty and foster efficiency in all projects.

Lean Startup Movement
Collaborative Environment

Herlinda values meeting all of the client’s key development milestones during the project. The team collaborates with the client to prepare a project concept, budget, and timeline that meets the client’s needs. Then, the team works efficiently to complete the project on schedule, offering collaborative support, answering client questions with transparency, and adapting to evolving client needs at every step in the process.

The team’s commitment to careful planning and an organized, yet creative approach to each project enables Herlinda’s consistent timeliness.

Client Centric

Herlinda’s project management is solution-oriented and fully committed to partnering with the client to create software that helps the client achieve their goals. The team is detailed and innovative in its approach to solving the unique challenges in each project in order to produce a reliable and satisfying product every time.